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In 2008 I graduated from Willem de Kooning Artschool - "Animation", with a minor in Motion Graphics. I have been working as a freelance 2D Animator/ Motion Graphic Designer ever since.


Because my nickname is Flapje (Fabienne is only used by my mom when she is angry at me) my artist name became also "Flapje".


Often I work on a project from A-Z. That means I rewrite the voice over text, create a storyboard, work closely with the illustrator, animate but also arrange the voice over, the background music and the sound effects.

I also like to work with video; editing video's, create lower thirds, intros and outros or bumpers for corporate identities. Basically I am deployable for every kind of animation.


My skills are:
Joke around but also: I can Art Direct, create Animations or Motion Graphics and Project Manage.


My computer skills are:
Start a computer and use: Adobe After effects - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Premiere or the old fashioned Final Cut.


I am represented by the creative agency Shop Around.


Here are some clients I have worked for:

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